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Alpha Dawgs are NOT your ordinary hot dogs!

Hot Dogs in Raleigh, North Carolina

Hot dogs have been around for quite some time. Synonymous with food that you can eat on the go, or even at BBQs and baseball games, the humble hot dog is something that many people love. Here in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, we at Alpha Dawgs wanted to elevate the hot dog to something that isn’t just eaten in accompaniment with other festive foods, but something that can stand on its own and will be enjoyable to the very last bite! We believe that we have been able to find the right combination of hot dogs, bread, and toppings to create some seriously “hawt dawgs,” and we would love for you to give them a try.

Our hot dogs are all beef, all the time. You aren’t going to find any mystery combinations in our hot dogs, but only great beef that will give you a delicious flavor that grills up nicely. We have our hot dogs served with various toppings in the New Jersey fashion, meaning that we serve them in a bun that is made from a pizza-dough pita. The unique flavor and chewiness of the pizza dough only works to enhance the flavor of the hot dog, and when we pair them with our staples of tri-color peppers and fried potatoes, chances are good that you’ll take one bite and believe you have found your new favorite food!

In addition to our favorite all-beef hot dogs, we also have dawgs made of Italian sausages, vegan dawgs, turkey dawgs, and plenty of toppings that are customized to your liking. We know that you will be howling with joy after tasting our hot dogs, so place your order with us today!