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If you’re craving comfort food, swing on by our restaurant!

When you are looking for some comfort food in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, we can deliver! At Alpha Dawgs, we offer some of the best possible choices around in terms of flavorful, delicious, comforting foods that will warm your heart and feed your soul. Whether you are looking for something rich, vegetarian, vegan or even keto, we have delicious options that will delight your tastebuds.

Comfort Food in Raleigh, North Carolina

While we are a casual fast food restaurant, there is nothing casual about our devotion to our food. We are always aiming to be the best. We use all-beef hot dogs for our dawgs each and every time and make our bread fresh. We also are very selective about our alternative meat options and ensure that our vegan and vegetarian options are just as carefully chosen and delicious as our other menu items. With the proper selection of ingredients, our passion for comfort food is able to shine through.

Behind the scenes at Alpha Dawgs

We specialize in hot dogs, but that is certainly not the only comfort food item on our list. We also offer delicious options in terms of drinks with lemonade and sweet teas along with Pepsi products. For your other food options, we have hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, great dips and sides, and of course, Philly cheesesteak.

We would love to offer you some of our delicious comfort food, made the way that our grandmother taught us many years ago and just as flavorful. If you have questions about our food options or would like to place an order, please give us a call today.