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Our passion for good food runs deep!

When you come to Alpha Dawgs, it won’t take long before you find out that our passion for food only rivals our passion for helping our customers! We have a variety of different options, each just as flavorful and enjoyable as the last, and we want to help you get the most of your enjoyment right here in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

About Alpha Dawgs in Raleigh, North Carolina

Our casual restaurant caters to a wide variety of different people. With something for everyone, it will quickly become a place that you frequent. We have options for vegans, vegetarians, and plenty of carnivores and om-nom-ivores, too. We believe that we have struck the balance between finding unique flavors for foodies and giving the masses what they crave. From Philly cheesesteaks to New Jersey dawgs and burgers, we are sure to serve something you’ll love.

Our goal is to produce good food and great customer satisfaction. We provide quality services and delicious food at an affordable price. While we only started in 2019, we believe that it is this attention to detail and consistently good food that has helped us weather the pandemic with relative success.

We want to do our part to benefit the Raleigh area, and we are doing it just like our grandmother taught us: with passion for our food and for our community. We would love for you to try our New Jersey-style hot dogs, burgers, cheesesteaks and more. For information about our food options, or to place a delivery or take-out order, please contact us today.